All Saints Service

St. Christopher’s School will hold its annual Service of Remembrance
to pay tribute to St. Christopher’s alumni, faculty and staff,
and members of the Board of Governors who have died during the past year.

Monday, November 2, 2020 11:00 a.m.

We hope you will join us for the service virtually on this page. CLICK HERE to download the program for the service and follow along.

Herbert Augustine Claiborne, Jr. ’41
Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. ’41
Gregory Gray Garland, Jr. ’42
John Shelton Horsley III ’45
Henry Fairfax Conquest ’46
William Elliott Moorman, Jr. ’46
William Bidgood Wall ’46
Yuen Kan Hsu ’50
David Max Northen ’50
Roderick Dew Brown ’51
Jaquelin Taylor Robertson ’51
Leonard Harrison Simpson III ’51
Bernard Winn McCray, Jr. ’52
Randolph Williams McElroy ’53
George Vowles Moncure, Jr. ’54
Henry Reed Randolph ’54
David Vincent Haynie ’58
Parke Deans Joyner ’59
Henry Harman George ’61
Randolph Fowler Totten ’61
Seldon Taylor Tompkins ’62
Frank Taylor Hyde, Jr. ’66
Barnwell Sams Dunlap III ’68
Morris Kent Mallory, Jr. ’70
John Francis Powers ’70
William Clarke Scott ’70
Douglas Call Dabney ’71
Richard Adams Eichner ’71
Claiborne Reel Dingledine ’76
Ivan Lawrence Appelrouth ’79
William Mackall Wilson ’80
Neal Coleman Cosby ’82
Walter Williams Scott, Jr. ’82
William Stephen Richardson III ’85
Giles Mebane Robertson III ’85
John Paul Barclay Reynolds ’90
Thomas Henry Scales III ’90
Fletcher Flynn Wyche ’90
Douglas Phillip Whitley ’96
Kristopher Charles Sandlin ’97
Bonnie Golladay
Elizabeth Marshall Hillsman
Jimmy James 
True Farr Luck
Louis Clifford Schroeder, Sr.
Margaret Temple Sharman
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