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50th Reunion

Class of 1973 BUILD Endowment

The Class of 1973 has decided to commemorate and memorialize their 50th Reunion by supporting fundraising around the BUILD program. The BUILD program (Boys Using Innovation to Learn and Design) takes the best of STEM/STEAM approaches and combines them with a broad, skills-based, project-centered focus. Students learn as they design—and redesign—their projects in an environment that fosters a desire to constantly refine and improve their ideas. 
Located in Luck Leadership Center, the school’s BUILD Lab brings students together to create using high-tech tools such as a 3D printer or simple materials such as cardboard. Students are tasked with activities involving specific problems that allow them to solve in their own ways. They design and create machines, art projects, or devices in ways that focus on process, not product.
The 1973 BUILD Program Endowment will help expand the physical presence of the program in the three divisions, fund new cutting-edge equipment and provide dedicated instructional support. It takes a lot of materials and consumables to run this program JK-12, so the endowment will allow the instructors to purchase supplies and maintain equipment.

If you are interested in making a five-year pledge, please contact Cappy Gilchrist.

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