Our Philosophy of Athletics

We are committed to sportsmanship and providing a healthy environment for competition. Every boy at St. Christopher's benefits from participation in athletics and physical education. Athletics helps to build physical strength and strength of character. Being part of a team teaches the values of teamwork, loyalty, sportsmanship, perseverance, hard work, courage and self-sacrifice. It instills life-long habits of health, fitness and physical discipline. Overall, St. Christopher's Athletics fosters a sense of community, strengthens relationships and enhances leadership skills.

Athletic Associations

St. Christopher's School belongs to two athletic associations, the Virginia Prep League and the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA).

Recent Awards & Championships

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  • Athletic Awards

    Presented at the 67th Annual Athletic Ceremony, May 21, 2024.

    THE BUERLEIN DISTANCE RUNNING AWARD, was established in 1993 by the family of Wyndham Kayton Buerlein, a cross-country and track long distance runner at the school from 1987 to 1992 in appreciation of the leadership and motivation provided by Coaches Bruce E. Nystrom, J. Calvin Boyd, and Eugene R. Bruner. The award is presented annually to that member of the cross-country and track teams who has excelled in the distance races and shown a dedication to running by his positive attitude, joy in practice and competition,
    self-motivation, and team loyalty. PATRICK MAYER

    THE HUGH BRENAMAN FOOTBALL AWARD is given annually to that senior member of the football squad who has made the greatest contribution to the team by his example and dedication to the sport. The recipient is selected for his devotion to and love of the game, his loyalty to the coaches and his fellow players, his sportsmanlike conduct, and his perseverance in the face of adversity. HENRY OMOHUNDRO AND JACOB ZOLLAR

    THE ANNA P. GOODALE SOCCER AWARD is presented to that senior member of the squad who, by example, has fostered a spirit of sportsmanship, a devotion to team play, and a dedication to the game of soccer. GREYSON DICOSMO, CHARLIE HUDSON, BECKETT SCHOFIELD

    THE JAMES W. PROFFITT ’48 BASKETBALL AWARD is presented annually to that senior member of the basketball squad who, by example, has demonstrated a strong dedication to the game, a spirit of competitiveness, and a willingness to do his best at all times, particularly in times of stress. BRANDON JENNINGS

    THE ST. CHRISTOPHER’S FUTSAL AWARD, was established by the Athletic Department and is given annually to that athlete who shows his commitment to the team in practices and competitions, while displaying the technical skills required in the sport of Futsal. JACK BLEECHER

    THE RANDOLPH BURWELL CARDOZO JR. ’74 INDOOR TRACK AWARD is presented to that Senior member of the varsity track program who, by his example, has inspired others to diligence, perseverance, and a true joy of competition. A combination of dependability, talent, and positive leadership are the basic qualifications for the award. BRIGGS IRELAND

    THE ST. CHRISTOPHER’S SQUASH AWARD, was established by the Athletic Department and is presented annually to that member of the team who displays composure in competition and dedication to his teammates and the sport. ARTHUR NEWMAN

    THE ST. CHRISTOPHER’S SCHOOL SWIMMING & DIVING AWARD, was established by the St. Christopher’s Athletic Department in 2005 and is presented annually to that senior member of the swimming and diving team who has by example been a positive influence on the development of the team by his determination in both practice and competitions, and true dependability. ROBBIE JOYNER

    THE E. OTTO N. WILLIAMS ’27 WRESTLING TROPHY is awarded annually to that member of the wrestling team who, throughout the season both in practice and competition, has been the greatest source of inspiration to his teammates because of his courage, initiative, perseverance, and sportsmanship. WALKER TURLEY

    THE JOHN R. BRINSER BASEBALL AWARD is presented to that senior member of the varsity squad who has best exhibited talent and ability, a strong competitive spirit, and true dependability. JACK DEMM, JIM DOUTHAT

    THE HARRY W. EASTERLY, JR. ’40 GOLF AWARD is presented annually to the senior member of the golf team who has demonstrated a strong competitive character, sportsmanship, gentlemanly conduct, understanding of the rules, and a love for the game of golf. PATRICK GOLDMAN, GARNETT HALL

    THE C. BRAXTON VALENTINE ’41 LACROSSE AWARD is presented annually to that member of the lacrosse squad who has demonstrated a dedication to team play, a strong competitive spirit, and a forceful and influential character. LIAM WRIGHT

    THE ST. CHRISTOPHER’S OUTDOOR TRACK AWARD, was established by the Athletic Department and is presented annually to that member of the team who displays commitment, discipline, character and a strong dedication to his teammates and the sport. HUNTER GARNETT

    THE BART JAN LAVERGE ’57 TENNIS AWARD is presented to the member of the tennis team who has been a fine example to his teammates by virtue of his sportsmanship, perseverance, and courage. STERLING BURKE

    THE STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING AWARD is presented to a senior athlete who, through his unselfish dedication, commitment, and positive influence, has had the most significant impact on the St. Christopher’s Strength program. HENRY O'FERRALL

    THE MANAGERS AWARD created by the Athletic Department, is given for selfless dedication and outstanding service to the teams at St. Christopher’s School. NED LUMPKIN

    THE VOICE OF THE SAINTS AWARD is presented annually to that member of the Sports Information team who has, through dedication, preparation and a passion for his craft, done the most to support his peers in action and present a positive image of Saints athletics. WRIGHT HILBERT

    THE ST. CHRISTOPHER'S SCHOOL MONOGRAM AWARD is presented to that student who has earned the most varsity monograms during his years at the school. HENRY OMOHUNDRO

    THE ROBERT WILLIAMS HERZOG AWARD was established in 1990 by the school in honor of Mr. Robert Williams Herzog, Director of Athletics and founder of the Virginia Preparatory League. He also served as Associate Headmaster and Director of Guidance during his twenty-eight year tenure. It was Mr. Herzog who chose the Virginia Preparatory League motto: "Excellence, Diversity, Participation." The Award is presented to that senior who best reflects the motto of the Prep League both as a scholar and as an athlete. CAPTAIN WORRELL

    THE JAMES TURNER SLOAN II ’40 AWARD is presented annually to that Senior who has demonstrated that no challenge is too great and no obstacle insurmountable. JACK HALL AND EJ SEWARD

    THE BRADFORD ALLEN PARRISH ’91 AWARD is presented annually to that student who has done the most to encourage the younger members of his own team and support the efforts of players on all teams. WRIGHT HILBERT

    THE TALMADGE ABBITT DUPRIEST ’91 AWARD was established in 1995 by Rand MacLean DuPriest '88 in memory of his brother, a two-sport captain during his years at the School. It is awarded annually to that team captain who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities, total devotion to his team members, and an unselfish and unyielding determination to encourage successful competition and outstanding sportsmanship from his teammates. PATRICK MAYER

    THE NELSON HILL HOTCHKISS, JR. ’70 AWARD is presented to that senior who has best demonstrated an earnest devotion to athletics in an honest and truly modest manner and who has displayed a genuine feeling for team play and sportsmanship. KELLEN WELCH

    THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR’S AWARD FOR COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE is presented by the Athletic Department to a senior athlete in recognition of outstanding performance, love of athletic competition, and commitment to excellence. JACKSON CARLYON, LIAM WRIGHT AND JACOB ZOLLAR

    THE JOHN T. SIEGEL ’57 MEMORIAL PRIZE, founded in 2003, has been established by friends and colleagues to honor John T. Siegel’s dedication to excellence and his commitment to St. Christopher’s School. This award is presented to a Senior boy who by his actions both on and off the athletic fields inspires others with the attributes exemplified by Mr. Siegel throughout his life: loyalty, character, integrity, and gentlemanly conduct. CAPTAIN WORRELL

    THE SLATER PRIZE for "Best Spirit in Athletics” is given annually to that boy on the varsity squad who, throughout his connection with the School, has most constantly exhibited on the athletic field a spirit of courage, determination, perseverance and cooperation. BRANDON JENNINGS

    THE DAVENPORT TROPHY is presented each year to that member of the graduating class who has been awarded the distinction "First in Athletics" because of his diligence, conscientiousness, dependability, courage, self-control, courtesy, and honor exhibited in athletic sports and contests during his years at St. Christopher's. HENRY OMOHUNDRO

    THE ALBERT LUCK “PETEY JACOBS” MEMORIAL AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED COACHING has been established by alumni “to preserve the legacy” of the beloved teacher, coach and role model who taught Spanish and coached basketball and baseball at St. Christopher’s from 1939 until 1960. This award is presented to that coach who commands the respect and admiration of his players, instills a commitment to teamwork and fair play, personally demonstrates the dedication and commitment necessary for successful achievement, and is an inspiration not only to his players but also to his colleagues. HAMILL JONES
  • Directors' Cup

    The Directors' Cup stands for diversity of offering, participation, and excellence and is presented annually to that school in the Virginia Prep League that comes in first in the total competitive schedule offered in the twelve league sports. Points (7 to 1) are awarded for standings in each sport.

    St. Christopher’s School has won this award 22 times in the following years:
    1975, 1976, 1982, 1987-90, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016-2020, 2022-24

    DIRECTORS' CUP HISTORY (1975-2020, 2022-24 - 49 Titles)
    Woodberry Forest (24) - 1977-81, 83-86, 91-97 (93 shared with Norfolk), 99, 2000-02, 04, 10, 12, 15 
    St. Christopher's (22) - 1975-76, 82, 87-90, 2003, 05, 07-08, 11, 13-14, 16-20, 22-24
    Collegiate (3) - 1998, 2006, 2009
    Norfolk Academy  (1) - 1993 (shared with Woodberry)
  • Sportsmanship Award

    The sportsmanship award is presented annually to that school in the VPL that is voted first in sportsmanship on all levels of competition by the VPL member schools. St. Christopher's School has won this award in 1978, 1980-81, 1983-84, 1989-90, 1998-99, 2002-03, 2005-06 and 2013.


St. Christopher's School is committed to sportsmanship and providing a healthy environment for competition. As players, coaches, spectators and parents, we strive to observe the following ideals:

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  • We will treat

    the officials, opposing teams and spectators as guests of our school.
  • We will respect

    the property and reputation of our competitor as well as that of our own school.
  • We will keep quiet

    during free throws, and will not bring noisemakers to indoor events like basketball and wrestling.
  • We will stay off

    the playing fields and courts during events, including half times.
  • We will accept

    the decisions of the officials and will not protest them publicly or to the media.
  • We, as players, coaches or spectators

    will respect our officials. We understand officials ensure the safety of the participants and protect the integrity of the game.

Athletic Department

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  • Photo of Robert O'Ferrall

    Ren O'Ferrall 85

    Director of Athletics and Coach (1 season)
    (804) 282-3185 x5332
  • Photo of Andrew Taibl

    Andy Taibl 

    Associate Director of Athletics, Co-Director of CAP, and Coach
    (804) 282-3185 x5333
  • Photo of Stephen  Lewis

    Stephen Lewis 

    Assistant Director of Athletics, Director of Sports Information, Middle School Athletics Coordinator, and Coach
    (804) 282-3185 x5212