Endowed Giving

St. Christopher’s is blessed with generations of generous alumni, parents, and friends who have established endowed funds to support the School. Through these gifts, endowment donors become an integral part of the St. Christopher’s legacy by making the sustainability of the School a priority. Their endowed gifts provide a permanent source of income that positively impacts our students, faculty, and programs for generations to come.

A Strong Endowment Ensures Sustainability

A strong endowment allows St. Christopher’s to plan for the School’s future as well as meet current strategic priorities such as affordability, faculty support, and academic program enhancements that safeguard the excellence of a St. Christopher education for future generations. 

Through prudent investment management by the St. Christopher’s School Foundation, our endowment generates permanent income that supports the School’s operating budget and helps to mitigate the need for large tuition increases, therefore maintaining affordability for all families. Increasing St. Christopher’s endowment remains one of the most important financial objectives of the School.

Ways to Give to Endowment

Establishing a new endowed fund or supporting an already existing endowed fund creates a permanent legacy for you and your family at St. Christopher’s. Donors are often moved to contribute to endowed funds to honor or memorialize a family member, friend, or a beloved faculty member, ensuring they will be remembered at St. Christopher’s for generations to come. 

Donors may support endowed funds through gifts of cash, securities, or by making a planned gift. To learn more about how to support the St. Christopher’s endowment, please contact Jane Garnet Brown at brownjg@stcva.org (804) 282-3185 x5220


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  • Endowed Faculty Chairs

    John C. Beckwith Chair of Science
    Andrew Beirne Blair, Jr. Chair of Mathematics
    A. J. Bolling III Chair of Distinguished Teaching 
    A. J. Bolling III Chair of Health and Wellness
    James Nalle Boyd '54 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
    John R. Brinser Chair of History
    Robert W. Bugg Chair of Distinguished Teaching
    Dr. Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne Memorial Chair
    Class of 1951 Chair of Character, Ethics, and Leadership
    Chair of Distinguished Teaching and Collaborative Research
    Rives S. Hardy Chair of Distinguished Teaching
    John G. Hayes, Jr. '30 Chair of Mathematics
    Hugh Powell Kelly Chair of Science Technology
    Charles S. Luck III '51 Chair of Academic Technology
    George O. Squires Chair of Distinguished Teaching
    Thomas R. Towers '43 Chair of History
    John Page Williams '27 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
    Elsie H. and Wesley Wright, Jr. '47 Chair of Music
  • Endowed Faculty Masterships

    Joseph Towler Knox Mastership of Distinguished Teaching
    Robert Haskins, Jr. '35 Mastership of Technology
    John C. Beckwith Mastership of Science
  • Endowed Teaching Funds

    The Reverend Dr. David T. Anderson Distinguished Teaching Endowment
    Hugh C. Brenaman Memorial Teaching Fund
    Kate Childrey Teaching Fellowship Program
    Class of 1991 Relational Teaching Endowment
    Foreign Teachers Fund
    James B. Isbell Teaching Fund
    L. Clifford Schroeder Student Resource Endowment
  • Endowed Faculty Enrichment Funds

    Henry Brockenbrough Faculty Enrichment Fund
    Stewart and Libby Brown Faculty Enrichment Fund
    Beirne B. Carter '42 Faculty Support Enrichment Fund
    John B. Cary Jr., '56 Faculty Support
    Class of 1941 Faculty Endowment
    Class of 1946 Faculty Recognition and Enrichment Endowment
    Class of 1980 Enrichment Fund
    Class of 1986 Faculty Support Fund
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Upper School Teacher Enrichment
    General Faculty Enrichment Fund
    W. G. Harris '34 Faculty Support Fund
    George J. McVey '57 Faculty Enrichment Fund
    H. F. and G. G. Minor Faculty Compensation Fund
    Charles E. Noell III '70 Family Faculty Sabbatical Fund 
    Elizabeth C. Norfleet Faculty Enrichment Fund
    Houston Rehig Faculty Endowment
    John Skelton Williams '15 Fund for Faculty Development
    Isabelle L. Witt Faculty Enrichment Fund
  • Endowed Awards & Prizes

    Norma Alley Prize for Teaching Excellence
    Armstrong‐Jennings Faculty Award
    Andrew Jackson Bolling III Faculty Award
    Joseph Bryan Memorial Prize for Leadership
    Douglass P. Griffith Prize for Excellence in Mathematics
    Hawkins Hideaway Prize for Loyalty and Service
    Albert Luck Jacobs Memorial Award for Distinguished Coaching
    Edgar Forrest Jessee III '95 Memorial Prize for Graphic Arts
    Carl J. Koenig Prize for Faculty Excellence
    Middle School Centennial Citizenship Fund
    Henry J. Tobler '85 Memorial Prize for Art
  • Endowed Program Funds

    Blair Family Tennis Endowment
    Wayne Boese History Endowment
    Margaret D. and Eugene G. Bowles Jr., '55 Endowment for Innovation and Creativity in Education
    Building Leaders RVA Fund
    Paul D. Camp III '56 Speaker Fund
    Beirne B. Carter '42 Library Fund
    Carter‐Hutcheson Resource Fund
    The Center for the Study of Boys
    E. L. Cheek Fine Arts Program
    Class of 1956 Endowment for the Development of Leadership, Character and Personal Integrity
    Class of 1963 Leadership Endowment
    Class of 2006 Leadership Endowment
    Class of 2007 Whole Boy Endowment
    John Sidney Davenport IV ’60 Memorial Fund
    Janet and O.D. Dennis Jr., '38 Science Education Endowment
    V. Earl Dickinson '70 Technology Fund
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment for Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
    Forum '66 Speaker
    The Fund for Ethical Decision-Making
    Gottwald Science Center Endowment
    Brenton S. Halsey, Jr. '73 Ecology Fund
    John B. Herrington Music Fund
    Honor System Fund
    International Institute Fund
    Lambert/Sisk Community Partnership Fund
    Charles S. Luck III '51 Computer Fund
    Stewart Edgeworth MacDonald Memorial Fund for Music
    John L. McElroy, Jr. ’49 History Endowment
    Media General Economics Endowment
    T. Justin Moore. Jr. '43 Memorial Leadership Endowment
    Morgan Music Endowment for Extracurricular Jazz Programs
    Charles E. Noell III '70 Creativity Endowment
    Samuel Watkins Owen ’64 Memorial Music Endowment
    Barbara Parker Endowed Library Fund
    J.M. Parrish '36 Education Fund
    Poetry Center Fund
    Rolfe Wrestling Endowment
    Oliver J. Sands Jr., '32 French Fund
    Schroeder Environmental Policy Center
    John C. Siewers II Basketball Fund
    Sisk Artist in Residence
    Charles Miller Stillwell Speakers Endowment
    Eugene G. Sydnor, Jr. Library Fund
    Anita and Richard Towell Arts Patrons Endowment
    Walmsley Family Endowment for Personal Financial Management Education
    Anne Cummins and Benjamin Briscoe White Endowed Spanish Fund
    Hubert L. Williams '19 Natatorium Fund
    Wilton Library Fund
    Benjamin Nance Winn '62 Memorial Chapel Fund
    Elinor and Thomas P. Wright '50 Literary Outreach Endowment
  • Endowed Scholarship Funds

    Quentin Thomas Alcorn ’12 Memorial Scholarship
    Norma Alley Memorial Endowment
    William R. Babcock '63 Memorial Scholarship
    Wilbur Bailey Memorial Scholarship
    Peter C. Bance, Jr. '02 Memorial Scholarship
    John Beckwith Memorial Endowment
    Slator C. Blackison III '36 Memorial Scholarship
    Andrew Jackson Bolling III Scholarship
    James Nalle Boyd '54 Scholarship
    Carla Ann Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship
    Alexander G. Brown III '25 Memorial Scholarship
    Robert W. Bugg Memorial Scholarship
    Tazewell Glenn Carrington '87 Memorial Scholarship
    Louise Carter and J. Sheppard Mondy, Jr. Memorial Endowment
    Dr. Churchill G. Chamberlayne Memorial Scholarship
    The Reverend T. S. Clarkson Memorial Scholarship
    Class of 1950 Scholarship
    Class of 1957 Scholarship
    Class of 1958 Scholarship
    Class of 1962 Scholarship
    Class of 1969 Scholarship
    Class of 1982 Scholarship
    Class of 1983 Endowment for Broadening Horizons
    John Christopher Cullather ’89 Memorial Scholarship
    O. D. Dennis, Jr. '38 Scholarship
    John Neasmith Dickinson '73 Memorial Scholarship
    Talmadge A. DuPriest '91 Memorial Scholarship
    Sarah G. Erwin Memorial Scholarship
    Experiential Learning Endowment
    Farinholt Family Scholarship
    Sterling Stuart Flanagan Scholarship
    Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship
    Eleanor Gambill Upper School Memorial Scholarship
    General Scholarship Fund
    The Governors' Scholarship
    Horace A. Gray III '56 Family Scholarship
    Bradley H. Gunter Scholarship
    James G. Hanes and John R. Brinser Memorial Scholarship
    The Harris Scholarship
    William M. Hill, Jr. '73 Memorial Scholarship
    Waller Holladay Horsley ’49 Memorial Scholarship
    Harrison Hubard Family Scholarship
    Richard G. Hudepohl Memorial Scholarship
    James P. Irby '77 Memorial Scholarship
    Richard H. Kemper, Jr. Scholarship
    William E. Knebel Memorial Scholarship
    Carl Koenig Memorial Scholarship
    Bruce M. Marshall '69 Memorial Scholarship
    Mirta and John N. Martin, Jr. Scholarship
    John Peyton McGuire Memorial Scholarship 
    McGuire‐Wilkinson Scholarship
    McGuire-Jack Gordon Scholarship
    G. Gilmer Minor, Jr. '30 Memorial Scholarship
    James H. Moseley '65 Memorial Scholarship
    Edwin Palmer Munson '53 Scholarship
    Christopher F. Nash '88 Memorial Scholarship
    Lossie T. and Charles E. Noell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Bradford Allen Parrish '91 Memorial Scholarship
    Ray Mercer "Buck" Paul III '06 Memorial Scholarship
    Malcolm U. Pitt Memorial Scholarship
    James T. Sloan, Jr. '40 Memorial Scholarship
    Delores Smith Saints Legacy Scholarship
    School Spirit of Challenge Prize
    Robert W. Storrs III '31 Memorial Scholarship
    Anthony J. Szymendera, Jr. Scholarship
    Ukrops Family Scholarship
    John W. Van Dorsten '91 and James P. Van Dorsten '94 Memorial Scholarship
    Robert H. Van Meter '52 Memorial Scholarship
    B. Clarke Wallace Scholarship
    White Family Scholarship
    John Page Williams '27 Scholarship
    Wise Family Scholarship
    J. E. Woodward, Jr. '38 and J. E. Woodward III '74 Scholarship
    John Berton Cunningham ’83 Memorial Scholarships for Experiential Learning
    George Cook Howell III ’74 Endowment for Experiential Learning
    Richard G. Hudepohl Memorial Experiential Learning Endowment
    Global Engagement Endowment
    Prince Achille Murat French Endowment
  • Endowed Plant & Maintenance Funds

    Barbara Andrews Gardens Endowment
    Arts Center Maintenance Endowment
    Randolph B. Cardozo, Jr. '74 Basketball Court Endowment
    Catlett Garden Endowment
    Anna McKenney Endowment
    Lewis N. Miller, Jr. '62 Leadership Center Endowment
  • General Endowment Funds

    James M. and Crews B. Baylor Endowment
    Headmaster's Discretionary Fund
    Endowed Annual Giving
  • New Endowment Funds

    Class of 1995 Jessee-Musick Memorial Prize
    Class of 1970 Emergency Scholarship
    Class of 2020 Memorial Chapel Endowment

Foundation Report

Foundation Board of Directors


Mr. Turner A.M. Bredrup '84, President, Foundation Board

Mr. Matthew T. Akin
Mr. Peter S. Alcorn
Mr. Samuel M. Bemiss '73
Mr. Matthew B. Engel
Mr. Mason Lecky, Headmaster
Mr. Raleigh W. Nuckols '01
Mr. David S. Reynolds, Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. David L. Richardson
Mr. Samuel S. Taliaferro III '97, President, Alumni Association
Mr. William L. Tyson '80
Mr. Thomas B. Valentine '76, Chairman, Board of Governors
Mr. E. Carlton Wilton Jr. '70  

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