Lower School


90% of a child’s brain development happens by age 5, which means that the years leading up to and including Kindergarten are crucial for your son’s development.

Setting a positive tone for the rest of your son's schooling.

During these prime years of brain development, St. Christopher's helps your child learn life skills like problem-solving and communication. We have designed our Kindergarten program to nurture creativity and encourage curiosity. We have found that boys who are actively engaged in their learning get the most out of it. That is why in Kindergarten, we help your son develop his enthusiasm for school by teaching math, science, reading and more through immersive activities that make learning fun.

Highlights of Kindergarten

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  • Service Learning

    Our Kindergarten theme is "Kids Helping Kids." Students will partner with The Children’s Hospital to provide art goody bags for young patients.
  • Field Trips

    Your son will get out of the classroom and into the community with field trips to a local theatre and the pumpkin patch. In addition, your son will visit St. Catherine's campus for special events.
  • Family & Friends

    From Halloween pumpkin carving to Christmas stocking sewing to reading in the classroom, you will have many chances to participate in your son’s Kindergarten experience. The boys will also have a buddy at St. Catherine’s with whom they can share traditions such as our Valentine’s Day Tea. Plus, the Kindergarten-Senior Buddy Program fosters development of a special relationship between some of our youngest Saints and our graduating Seniors.
  • Making Learning Fun

    Our Kindergartners love activities like 75 minutes of Spanish each week, learning about life cycles by hatching chicks, connecting with their Senior buddies and wearing pajamas to school on Hibernation Day.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Ashley Gallienne

    Ashley Gallienne 

    Lower School Teacher of Kindergarten
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    Meredith Smart 

    Lower School Teacher of Kindergarten
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  • Photo of Michael Vick

    Hayden Vick 

    Lower School Teacher of Kindergarten and Coach
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  • Photo of Laura Partee

    Laura Partee 

    Lower School Co-Teacher and Gallery Coordinator
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  • Photo of Laura Smith

    Laura Smith 

    Lower School Co-Teacher
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  • Photo of Maria Maltby

    Maria Maltby 

    Lower School Co-Teacher
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