Our Sister School

The Saints Coordinate Program

We’re fortunate to have St. Catherine’s School right in our neighborhood. An all-girls Episcopal day school, they educate students who range from 3 years of age to Grade 12. 

While St. Christopher’s firmly believes in the process of teaching boys in the best way they learn, we understand that coming together for certain academic classes and age-appropriate projects makes for well-rounded students. 

Throughout the school year, specific academic projects and enrichment activities bring together students from both schools. This includes community projects, arts programs, upper-level courses and even travel opportunities. 

List of 3 items.

  • Setting the Foundation (Grades JK-5)

    Our single-gender teaching and learning in the Lower School is the ideal environment for every child's foundational years. We embrace the opportunity to bring boys and girls together for specific academic projects and social interactions as they get to know each other. The littlest Saints meet for a friendship tea in Kindergarten, while our upper-elementary boys and girls become pen pals, writing to each other throughout the year. The boys and girls visit each other's campus for events like Math Day, a Thanksgiving feast and kickball games.
  • The Path to Self-Discovery (Grades 6-8)

    As your sons and daughters approach adolescence, our single-gender classrooms allow them to grow leaps and bounds in intellect and confidence. With guidance from expert faculty, they will discover their passions and find their voices. We gradually increase age-appropriate joint interactions in the Middle School that focus on the arts and service learning.
  • An Empowering Coordination (Grades 9-12)

    The Coordinate Program culminates in Grades 9-12 as your sons and daughters select coed courses at either campus to fully customize their academic experiences. It's as if they are already in a college setting, managing their schedules and navigating classes on both campuses. Students also enjoy coed experiences in the performing arts, extracurricular clubs, community service activities and travel opportunities.