The theatre program at St. Christopher’s develops creative expression, communication, collaboration and public speaking skills across all divisions.

A long-standing Lower School tradition, the mid-year production combines classes from each grade level for four productions.  Loved by both students and families, the mid-year production garners a standing-room-only crowd each week. The Lower School is also home to a fourth and fifth grade drama production.  In the Middle School, a trimester elective sparks a passion for drama in boys who can also enjoy being part of an after-school theater group coordinated with St. Catherine’s students.

Ampersand, the more than 50-year old Upper School theater group, meets afterschool to produce three stellar productions each year.  There’s something for everyone from set building, lighting and choreography to acting and directing. Drama electives for Upper School students include the fundamentals of acting and directing, theatre history and advanced performance studies.

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