St. Christopher’s Strategic Plan

During the summer of 2019, the Board of Governors and School leadership formally kicked-off the planning process for the next Strategic Plan for St. Christopher’s. This process is being led by our Board, as stewards and fiduciaries of our institution. 
One of the first steps of the process was to survey our community. Nearly 900 parents, faculty and staff, Board members, and alumni participated in a Strategic Planning survey, providing essential insight into the community’s opinion of our school’s core characteristics, strengths, and areas of opportunity.
The results affirm that the mission of St. Christopher’s School is as vibrant and impactful today as it was more than 100 years ago when Dr. Chamberlayne founded a small school for boys focused on academic challenge, athletic and artistic participation, and spiritual growth, with an emphasis on honor and integrity above all else. 
The surveys revealed opportunities for St. Christopher’s to enhance its mission delivery through further defining distinctive aspects of our academic and co-curricular program, continued emphasis on strengthening community and inclusion within and beyond our campus, and a focus on thoughtful stewardship of the School’s most precious resources—our people, programs, and physical plant.
We have developed seven Task Force groups that will study these findings and other data points and will ultimately offer a series of recommendations and action steps to both the Strategic Planning Committee and the Board in the spring of 2020. 
We expect the Strategic Plan to be published in its final form and distributed by the end of the 2019-2020 school year. This Plan will guide the priorities of St. Christopher’s for the years to come.

Strategic Planning Committee

Karen Welch, Chair (P)
Thomas Valentine ’76, Vice Chair (AP)
Sam Bemiss ’73  (P, AP)
McGuire Boyd ’93 (P)
Hill Brown ’85 (F, AP)
Orran Brown (P, AP)
Randy Daniel ’78 (AP)
Krissy Gathright (P, AP)
Clay Hilbert (P)
Lydia Johnson (P)
Tim McCoy ’87 (P)
Kadie Parsley (F)
Lewis Powell ’70 (AP)
Taylor Reveley ’92 (P)
Louis Ryan ’65
Bill Tyson ’80 (AP) 
Laurel Wise (P)
Jay Wood (F, AP)

P=Parent  AP=Alumni Parent  F=Faculty
Ex officio
Ned Valentine ’83, Chair of Board of Governors
Mason Lecky, Headmaster
Jane Garnet Brown, Director of Development
Sharon Dion, Director of Communications
David Reynolds, Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Task Force Groups

Academic Program - Jay Wood, Chair 
Co-Curricular Program - Orran Brown, Chair
Community, Inclusion, and Engagement - Sam Bemiss ’73, Chair
Enrollment and Communications - Clay Hilbert, Chair
Finance/Operations - Dave Hale, Chair
Our People - Kadie Parsley, Chair
Stewardship - Randy Daniel ’78, Chair
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