Board of Governors

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  • 2023-2024 Board of Governors

    Board Chair: Mr. Timothy C. McCoy, Jr. ’87

    Mr. Edmund L. Benson III ’55        
    Mr. Turner A.M. Bredrup ’84
    Mr. Henry R. Broaddus, President, Church Schools in the Diocese
    Mr. Orran L. Brown, Sr.
    Mr. William C. Childrey ’63
    Mr. J. Randolph V. Daniel IV ’78
    Mr. George A. Dunston ’87
    Mr. J. Conrad Garcia         
    Mr. Michael R. Grey ’79
    Mr. Stephen A. Horton
    Ms. Carson W. Johnson
    Ms. Belinda D. Jones
    Ms. Penelope W. Kyle
    Mr. G. Manoli Loupassi ’85
    Mr. David W. Mitchell
    Mr. Christopher Mumford ’88
    Mr. Amir I. Patel
    Ms. Carolyn E. Paulette
    Mr. W. Taylor Reveley IV ’92
    Mr. Walter S. Robertson III ’72
    Mr. Louis F. Ryan ’65
    Mr. Samuel S. Taliaferro III ’97
    Mr. Charles S. Valentine ’93
    Mr. Thomas B. Valentine ’76
    Dr. S. McDonald Wade III ’91
    Ms. Elizabeth W. Wallace
    Mr. R. Randolph Weis
    Mr. S. Taylor Williams ’96
    Ms. Laurel Wise 
  • 2023-2024 Foundation Board of Directors

    Mr. Turner A.M. Bredrup '84, President, Foundation Board

    Mr. Peter S. Alcorn
    Mr. T. Coleman Andrews III ’72 
    Mr. Henry R. Broaddus, President, Church Schools in the Diocese
    Mr. B. Hunt Gunter ’85 
    Mr. Mason Lecky, Headmaster
    Mr. Timothy C. McCoy '87, Chairman, Board of Governors
    Mr. Raleigh W. Nuckols '01
    Mr. David S. Reynolds, Secretary/Treasurer
    Mr. Samuel S. Taliaferro III '97, President, Alumni Association
    Mr. William L. Tyson '80
    Ms. Karen H. Welch
    Mr. E. Carlton Wilton Jr. '70 

Headmaster Mason Lecky

A native of Richmond, Mason has served as Headmaster of St. Christopher's School since 2016. He attained his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia and then earned his Master's in Education at Harvard.

Learn more about our Headmaster.

Administrative Team

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  • Jane Garnet Brown

    Director of Development
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  • Kerry Court

    Director of the Arts
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  • Hiram Cuevas

    Director of Information Systems and Academic Technology
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  • Janine Davila

    Director of Auxiliary Operations
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  • Allyson Diljohn

    Director of College Counseling
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  • Sharon Dion

    Director of Communications
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  • Mark Gentry

    Director of Facilities
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  • Kim Hudson

    Director of The Center for the Study of Boys and Associate Head of Upper School
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  • Warren Hunter

    Head of Middle School
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  • Hamill Jones '00

    Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
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  • Sarah Mansfield

    Assistant Head of School
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  • Abbey Moring

    Director of Extended Day and Little Saints
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  • Ren O'Ferrall '85

    Director of Athletics
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  • Emily Richey

    Executive Assistant to the Headmaster
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  • Lisa Snider

    Head of Lower School
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  • Tony Szymendera

    Director of Strategic Priorities
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  • Andy Taibl

    Associate Director of Athletics and Co-Director of CAP
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  • Ann Vanichkachorn

    Director of Health and Wellness
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  • Maryn Ward

    Director of Finance
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  • Jake Westermann

    Head of Upper School
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  • Davis Wrinkle '81

    Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
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  • Bill Zamagni

    Chief Financial & Operations Officer
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