Understanding St. Christopher’s Financial Model

St. Christopher’s School continues to maintain a strong financial position, with consistent enrollment levels, a significant endowment, and generous levels of annual giving, all of which support the School’s vision, mission, and priorities. The Finance Committee of the Board of Governors follows a clear set of principles and guidelines in setting the annual budget:

  • Tuition should be set prudently to maintain family affordability while supporting the school’s mission, vision, and value proposition
  • Tuition volatility from one year to the next should be minimized
  • Faculty and staff compensation should remain as competitive as possible
  • Financial aid should be made available as the budget can support to attract a robust student body with a range of socio-economic means

How St. Christopher’s funds its operating budget

A significant portion of the St. Christopher’s operating budget is allocated to the salaries and benefits necessary to both attract and retain our highly talented faculty and staff. The second largest cost incurred is to operate and maintain the Schools’ 43 + acre campus and its facilities. These two expenses represent over 75% of the School’s operating budget.        

While tuition supports the majority of the operating budget, St. Christopher’s funds the balance of its operating budget with support from the School’s endowment and Annual Giving. As St. Christopher’s strives to limit tuition increases, the importance of Annual Giving and endowment grows significantly. Every gift to the School makes a direct impact on the affordability of a St. Christopher’s education for all boys.

How you can help

Increasing St. Christopher’s endowment and Annual Giving remains one of the most important financial objectives of the School. We encourage all members of our community to support Annual Giving to the best of your ability each year. To learn more about how to support St. Christopher’s endowment, contact Jane Garnet Brown brownjg@stcva.org or (804) 282-3185 x5220.

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