We Know Boys

St. Christopher's is a committed global leader in understanding, engaging, and teaching boys effectively.  We help boys develop the character, wisdom, and life skills required to succeed in college and to make a positive impact as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Our faculty is passionate about teaching here--not in spite of boys' unique characteristics--but because of them.

Our special partnership with St. Catherine's School combines the benefits of a focused, single-sex education with the best elements of a coed experience.

Our curriculum helps us discover what is unique in every boy.  We build on their strengths, help them gain confidence, and allow them to discover and express themselves, while instilling values that will guide them throughout their lives. 

Core Beliefs

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Mission Statement

St. Christopher’s School prepares a talented and diverse group of boys for college and for life in an ever-changing world. Through a rigorous academic program and a supportive community experience, the School fosters personal integrity and honor, the achievement of each boy’s full potential, love of learning, spiritual growth, respect for others, leadership, and civic responsibility. St. Christopher’s strives for excellence and seeks to make an enduring difference in the lives of its boys.

Educating the Whole Boy

Honor, leadership and community service play a significant role in educating children. These concepts cannot be phrases we pay lip service to in admissions gatherings, but must have an active and intentional place within the curriculum of a school. At St. Christopher's, we call this “Educating the Whole Boy.” 

The concept of “educating the whole boy” sets us apart from other independent schools for boys. Participation in our non-traditional curriculum is not elective, but woven into the fabric of every boy’s experience. Each faculty member is committed to bringing out the best in every boy regardless of whether the pursuit is academic, artistic or spiritual. It is our belief that men of character do not develop in a vacuum but rather in a nurturing and challenging environment, which we readily provide. 

St. Christopher’s invites you to read about our Academic, Athletic and Arts programs -- but more importantly, read about what makes us unique.  See how our unique sense of community is reflected in the active involvement of parents, alumni and friends of the school, whose shared values make St. Christopher’s a better place.

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