An StC Education

A Well-Rounded Education

An education at St. Christopher's helps to build a strong foundation for learning and processing information in our ever-changing world. We do this with our deep understanding of boys and how they learn, combined with small classes that foster creativity, technological savvy and problem-solving. All of this is encased within a focus on relationships, the linchpin for learning.

The academic journey at St. Christopher's includes our Lower School (JK-5) where boys are encouraged to explore and be actively engaged in gathering information in meaningful ways. The Middle School (Grades 6-8) is a time of intense growth and development where boys are challenged and have opportunities to explore their own interests and strengths. St. Christopher's Upper School (Grades 9-12) adds rigor and diversification to the boys' studies with a broader variety of sports, the arts and extracurricular activities.

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  • Lower School

    Wiggles, giggles, walks and talks. Our Lower School allows boys to learn while they're active.
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  • Middle School

    A safe place to take risks, discover passions and build resiliency, our Middle School moves boys to discover who they really are.
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  • Upper School

    In the Upper School, our relational teaching model means that teachers know every student personally, and that leads boys to work harder and try new things.
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