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Childrey Teaching Fellowship

The Kate Childrey Teaching Fellowship program was created in 2017 to honor the life and impact of Kate Childrey, a beloved JK assistant teacher at St. Christopher’s. It provides a novice educator with the opportunity to teach and learn during one academic year.


Currently we are not accepting applications.

The Kate Childrey Teaching Fellowship

This position is designed to provide aspiring teachers with valuable teaching experience under the guidance and tutelage of a seasoned St. Christopher’s mentor teacher. The teaching fellow will be paired with one or more experienced teachers during the fellowship year(s) and will spend the school day learning from experienced teachers through a variety of observations, practical experiences and team-teaching opportunities.
Once the teaching fellow shows sufficient readiness to the mentor teacher(s) and to the administration, he or she will have the opportunity to teach lessons in a specific class. The mentor teacher will assist with lesson planning and will observe and provide evaluation and feedback. Over time, the teaching fellow’s responsibilities and autonomy will grow, consistent with the fellow’s growth and development as a teacher. 
Candidates will be considered for every academic department, based on the needs of the school and the strengths of the teaching fellow. The teaching fellow will also be asked to complete other duties expected of full-time faculty members at St. Christopher’s. These duties may include advising, coaching, study hall proctoring and leading other co-curricular activities as needed throughout the school.
The desired term for the fellowship period is two school years, but will begin with a single-year employment contract, consistent with all school contracts. The teaching fellowship will be continued for a second school year, provided there is mutual interest in doing so from both the school and the teaching fellow. A two-year teaching term allows for adequate growth, development and acclimation of the teaching fellow into the St. Christopher’s community. 
Should St. Christopher’s have a vacancy for a regular teaching position in the school year following the designated fellowship period, the teaching fellow may become a candidate for such a position, but no guarantee of employment beyond the two-year fellowship period is implied.   
Compensation for the fellowship includes salary, benefits, meals on campus during regular designated hours, and on-campus housing.

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