How do we do it?

  • With a deep understanding of boys and how they learn.
  • With small classes that foster creativity, technological savvy and problem-solving.
  • With a focus on relationships, the lynchpin for learning.

List of 3 items.

  • Lower School

    Lower School focuses on laying the foundation. We strive for boys to be actively engaged and to use information in real and meaningful ways. In this division, in particular, physical activity and movement enhance all learning.
  • Middle School

    The Middle School years are an intense time for human growth and development (comparable to birth through age three). It’s a challenging, critical period when students build on the foundation while establishing independence, connecting with peers through common interests, and exploring and building on their strengths.
  • Upper School

    Academic rigor intensifies in Upper School while sports, the arts and extracurricular activities broaden. Our coordinate program with St. Catherine’s School provides diversification of programming and boys and girls come together as intellectual peers in many co-ed classes. Interactions increase with age as students progress and mature.