Our Approach

The essence of the mission of St. Christopher’s School is preparing boys both for college and for life. A St. Christopher’s education should prepare a young man to make a positive difference throughout his life—in the workplace, as a father and spouse, and in the community, both locally and globally.

While the value of a St. Christopher’s education extends far beyond preparation for admission to college, college is the natural next step for St. Christopher’s graduates, and the School takes seriously its role in helping each and every boy find the right college fit.

The college search should be an exciting process, an opportunity to think about who you are and to make decisions about your future. The St. Christopher’s College Counseling Office works individually with each student and family to understand a process that can seem mysterious and stressful, develop a list of appropriate options, and advise on all phases of the admissions process.


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Visiting Colleges

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