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    Parent Enrichment via Zoom: with Nina Schroder, MSW, LCSW

    With the increasing usage of digital technology in our culture, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the presence and use of smart devices and other technologies in our family’s lives can feel excessive and overwhelming for parents to manage. Through discussion of emerging research as well as her experience on the front lines counseling Digital Age college students at VCU and as a mom of two young boys, Nina will provide parents with helpful insight into the potential cognitive, social, and mental health effects of high screen use, and share practical strategies to confidently promote a healthy & mindful approach to screen use and well-being for the entire family. 
    Nina Schroder, MSW, LCSW is a mental health therapist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression of college students and young adults and studies the effects of high screen use on mental health, emotional resilience, and overall well-being.  During her time at VCU’s University Counseling Services, Nina helped develop and lead a successful and popular 5-week skills-building group program, Reclaim Life from Anxiety & Live Well,  which promotes skills and healthy mindsets to increase resilience and well-being.  She also has been a regular lecturer for the Science of Happiness course and LEAD program.  Nina is passionate about growing emotional resilience and well-being in the Digital Age, and delivers lectures and workshops both locally and nationally. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two school-age children.
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    Board of Governors meeting

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    "Saints Take a Break" Holiday- School Holiday

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