Providing Boys and Girls the Afterschool Advantage

The Extended Day program provides students a variety of educational, recreational, and enrichment programs. Available to students in grades JK through 8 at St. Christopher’s and St. Catherine’s, this afterschool program allows parents to tailor their children’s participation to suit their schedules, as well as meet each student’s needs in a setting that promotes learning, safety, collaboration, and exploration. Classes are divided by grade and take place in flexible spaces including warm and inviting classrooms, a dance and music room, a gym, the Luck Leadership Center, and access to the entire Lower School campus. This program offers the right balance of structure and freedom for students to grow and learn while enjoying themselves after school.

For our Lower School students, Extended Day provides supervised playtime to help build social awareness, foster kindness, and teach responsibility. In addition to classroom activities, students participate in study hall starting in first grade.

Middle School students are given time and space to complete their homework, followed by free time or the chance to cheer on their peers at a variety of Saints’ athletic events.

Explore Extended Day

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  • Extending Academics

    A hallmark of Extended Day is the supervised study hall time that provides continuity to our students’ regular academic day. The faculties of our schools and Extended Day program communicate regularly, so students can pick up where they left off in their regular school day. Our goal is to help students complete most if not all of their homework during this unique and focused opportunity.
  • Choices and more choices

    From woodworking and art to Makerspace play and creative movement, students enjoy weekly activities appropriate for each age group. Children are provided the opportunity to explore activities and topics such as cooking, water and sand play, ocean life, rainforests, planets, and famous artists.
    In addition to classroom activities, we enlist experts to teach optional Enrichment Classes such as Soccer Shots, chess and more. Individual arrangements can also be made for private music lessons and academic tutoring if needed.
  • Extended Day is open all year

    Extended Day hours are from 2:40 pm until 6:00 pm on weekdays during the school year and from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm on some school holidays.  During the summer, Extended Day joins together with Summer Experience to provide care from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm.

    At Extended Day, boys and girls have afternoons and summer days filled with enriching activities that complement their school experiences and expand their growth. Extended Day—much like St. Christopher’s and St. Catherine’s—goes far beyond the ordinary, ensuring your child will have an outstanding afterschool experience.
“Extended Day supports my children academically and provides them with opportunities to play and be creative.”