Welcome to the Lower School

St. Christopher’s understands that boys need to be actively engaged in their learning. For an experience to have impact, boys must use information in real and meaningful ways. Physical activity and movement enhance all learning opportunities.

In Lower School science, for example, students studying Newton’s Laws of Motion work collaboratively in groups to measure how high balls bounce from various heights. Kindergarten classes use pumpkins to integrate learning of math, science, and reading. Students learn Voicethread to read out loud and listen to fluency. Through Skype, Spanish classes engage in conversations with students and teachers at a school in Mexico.

Lower School Head David Menges

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  • Hometown: (Click Here)

    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Education: (Click Here)

    Hobart College, B.A. in History; Teacher’s College of Columbia University, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Previous work experience: (Click Here)

    Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, Ct.; Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Newry, ME
  • Passion: (Click Here)

    The outdoors and staying healthy. Mr. Menges is a former Outward Bound instructor and program director who enjoys white-water kayaking and mountain biking. Mr. Menges also played ice hockey in college.
  • How he connects with students: (Click Here)

    Mr. Menges takes extra time to learn boys’ names, greets them upon arrival at morning carpool and speaks regularly at chapel. He also teaches current events to all fifth graders. “Our mission to prepare boys for the broader world, to make them literate about the world we live in, is one of the main reasons I developed this course,” he said. “It also allows me to get back into the classroom.”


“One thing that all of our Lower School teachers have in common is that we love working with young boys. We love their boundless physical energy, their limitless creativity, the fact that they’re intuitive leaders and they handle responsibility well – even at very young ages. We love that boys are risk-takers – they often act before they think. Boys are often disorganized; they live in the moment and don’t always think ahead. Boys make great friends – they’re incredibly loyal and dependable. And, my personal favorite, the fact that boys are very funny -- they have irreverent senses of humor. At St. Christopher’s we see these classic boy qualities as gifts.”
-- Dave Menges, Lower School Head
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