StC Honors Veterans

Veterans Join Students and Faculty on Campus All Week
This week, StC was honored to hold chapel talks and student events across divisions in anticipation of Veterans Day. Today, alumnus Sean Breit-Rupe '00, who served as a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps, shared what he'd learned with the Upper School boys inside Memorial Chapel, including finding humor in difficult moments, learning to do little things the right way, and the power of honor, integrity and kindness.
Later, the Middle School hosted Saints parent Katharine C. Lambeth-Butler in chapel, where she shared her story about becoming a Navy pilot and the opportunities her career offered her. Lambeth-Butler explained how her military experiences helped develop her sense of honor, resilience and decision-making skills. "Pursuit of excellence became a way of life," said Lambeth-Butler. "I couldn't just be good. I had to be the best."
In the Lower School on Wednesday, the boys were joined by alumnus, Saints parent and Army veteran Justin Mayer ‘99,  Saints parent and Navy veteran Long Nguyen, and Saints grandfather and Army veteran Ken Nowitzky. The panel shared lessons, photos and stories from their military experiences that the younger boys could relate to,, like the importance of practice, hard work and watching out for their friends.