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Virginia Gov. Youngkin Visits StC

StC’s Political Awareness Club hosted a rare speaking event featuring the governor.
The Political Awareness Club, a joint St. Christopher’s and St. Catherine’s Upper School organization, hosted Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin for a special event in Ryan Recital Hall Tuesday night. Youngkin, a Saints parent, spoke with students and faculty about the road to political life and his experience as governor. “I felt a real calling to step into public service,” Youngkin said. “There is no perfect training to go into public service other than a desire to be in public service. There is room for everybody.”

The governor described his job as having “no typical day” and explained how his role had challenged him, particularly with regard to his evolving worldview. “It’s just an extraordinary journey every day that stretches you on all aspects of your belief system,” he said.

For PAC co-leader Peter Huff ‘23, the event was a unique opportunity for the community to engage closely with a high-profile public servant. “We thought of some questions that people our age might be interested in asking him,” Huff said. “Hopefully, the audience found them as interesting as we do.”

Acknowledging the impact of partisanship on the current political landscape, the governor urged the audience to be informed, treat others with respect, and take the time to examine an issue before making a decision. “What I have been most encouraged by is when you close the door and have a real meeting about getting important things done, there is room for common sense,” Youngkin said. "When you take a moment to listen and take a moment to explain, you can find a lot of common ground and get a lot done."