Krissy Gathright Talks Innovation and and Leadership

Former StC board member, C-suite executive, and Saints parent Krissy Gathright visits Mason Lecky's Profiles in Leadership class.
We were thrilled to see Krissy Gathright at the Upper School yesterday! Gathright is a C-suite executive with over two decades of experience in the hospitality and real estate industry, a Saints parent, and a former StC board member. She spent time with Headmaster Mason Lecky's students during his Profiles in Leadership class Monday afternoon to discuss her career journey and lessons learned.

As one of the first employees of the Apple REIT Companies, Gathright explained to the group how she learned to take risks, foster relationships, innovate, and recognize her strengths and weaknesses. "Surround yourself with people smarter than you," said Gathright. "It's important to build a team with people who complement you in areas where you're not as strong." 

The class, mostly seniors, will embark on their own journeys soon. Drawing on what she's learned as an industry leader, Gathright encouraged the young men to look at this next chapter of their lives as a time to try new things and discover who they are. "Don't be afraid to take risks. Put yourself out there," said Gathright. "You're going to try a lot of things. You're going to do well at some of them, and some you won't do as well at. Take that as a gift. You're going to learn from that experience and become more successful."