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Upper School Student Founds Self-Improvement Club

Mitchell Faglioni ‘24 leads a group of 30 students dedicated to healthy mental and physical practices.
“If I can help one person through the club, then I’d be happy and fulfilled,” said Mitchell Faglioni ‘24. This year, the junior has turned a personal interest in self-improvement into a popular, student-run club that includes approximately 30 other Upper School boys. 

The Self-Improvement Club meets weekly during break time, where boys are free to discuss everything from mental health to fitness tips. “The main idea is improving our mental health, but we look at things through a lot of different approaches,” said Faglioni. “Physical improvement is linked to mental improvement, for example. It’s all holistic.”

During a typical meeting, the boys might talk about good sleep habits, weightlifting, the benefits of limiting screen time, or the importance of relaxation and decompressing. Last week, Faglioni led the group members in a discussion based on Benjamin Franklin’s “13 Virtues,” which provides general guidelines for living a fulfilling life. 

“People in the club are really uplifting, and we really get to talk about anything,” said Miles Harvey ‘23. “We talk about eating right and exercising, but we also talk about good mental health practices and study habits. It’s awesome to see 30 guys get together with a common goal every week and just uplift each other,” said Harvey.

The club is in its first year, but Faglioni hopes that it will endure in the years to come. “I hope someone will fill the role after I leave,” he said. “We’ve created a small community, and we can speak to each other so freely here. I think we’ve created something really positive and unique.”