StC Celebrates Veterans Day

Across divisions, StC welcomes veteran guest speakers to connect with the community.
"You might never serve in the military, but you can still live and embody the values we celebrate on Veterans Day," said Cabell Doyle '99 in his talk with St. Christopher's Middle School. Doyle, an alumnus and father to an StC eighth grader, helped evacuate thousands of Afghan refugees to Germany and Qatar during Operation Allied Refugee as a C-17 pilot. "I saw pictures of what was happening during the evacuation, and I was immediately compelled to help," said Doyle. 

To observe and celebrate Veterans Day, divisions hosted a series of speakers and talks. At the Lower School, boys in grades 3-5 welcomed Andrew Klien '08, Marshall Croft '98, Elyse Kirkland and Jared Kirbride to the Auditorium. The veterans shared their experiences about life in uniform and made connections between the military's values of service and integrity and the core values of the LS. 

In Memorial Chapel, Army veteran and StC alumnus Wilson Mustian '97 spoke to StC's Upper School. Mustian recalled learning about hard work and perseverance as a member of the wrestling team and fondly remembered English Teacher Jay Wood, who taught him to be thorough and methodical in college and beyond. He also remembered the repeated emphasis on good character while he was a student and how it's served him. "Your character will never fail you, so don't fail it," said Mustian.