Sixth Graders Take on New Responsibilities

Serving on the Honor Council provides opportunities and challenges for new Middle School students.
Middle School boys are given the opportunity to play important roles in the St. Christopher’s community, such as serving as a representative on the Honor Council. For the sixth grade boys who join the group, it’s a particularly important step in developing their character as they take on increased responsibilities and adjust to life after Lower School.  

Last week, the Middle School Honor Council, made up of sixth and seventh grade representatives (who apply to be members) and eighth grade leaders (elected by their classmates), met inside Memorial Chapel to hold a mock trial. Head of Middle School Warren Hunter, playing a student, answered questions during a simulated academic integrity hearing. Members of the Middle School Honor Council took turns questioning Dr. Hunter and discussing the scenario and purpose of the practice.

Guided by Middle School Teachers Jon Piper and Kyle Burnette, who serve as the Honor Council faculty advisors, students were allowed to ask questions to determine the validity of the charge and to explore relevant details surrounding the case.

Will ‘28, who was selected to serve on the council, is intrigued by the process of the mock trial. “You get to see behind-the-scenes and see what goes on,” he said. The idea of honor and the wider effect it has on the community is also important to him. “Everyone should act with honor. If you don’t uphold standards and aren’t honest, nothing good is going to come from that.”

Before coming to StC, Nash ‘28 had never participated in many extracurricular activities, but the honor council opportunity sounded interesting. “This is my first year here, but I heard about this in chapel and I decided to apply. Honor is very important at St. Christopher’s, we take it very seriously,” he said. “Everyone here wants a successful future for their friends, so when we apply for a job in the future, they’re trusting you to do your part and succeed together.”