Saints Honor Veterans Day

Alumni, parents and faculty veterans speak to our boys.
St. Christopher’s School honored Veterans Day this year with a range of speakers and guests across all divisions. In the Lower School, the Rev. Darren Steadman hosted Dr. Long Nguyen, a U.S.? Navy veteran and StC Lower School father, who spoke during a Zoom chapel service. Dr. Nguyen talked to the boys about his experiences in the Navy and what inspired him to serve. Dr. Nguyen ended his talk by encouraging the boys to serve their communities any way they could. The service also included a slideshow of student-submitted photos of veteran friends and family.

In the Middle School, boys in Jon Piper and Derek Porter’s Global Thinking class heard from Middle School Academic Support Instructor Brook Schurman, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former U.S. Marine Corps officer. Schurman discussed his service, the places he traveled and the people he worked with. “Being a good friend was important,” said Schurman. “I can’t think of anything I did on my own in the military. I was always part of a team.”

Yesterday, StC alumnus Tim Rose ‘05 visited Upper School Chapel, detailing how the events of 9/11 inspired him to become a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer after graduating from Amherst College. He drew parallels between the Marine Corps values of courage, honor and commitment and StC’s honor code. Rose encouraged the boys to think about their values and how to live by them every day.