StC Boys Learn Resilience and Teamwork

Lower and Middle Schoolers learn to push past obstacles, innovate and work together during a robotics competition.
Last weekend, the Lower and Middle School robotics teams competed in the regional First Lego League Robotics Competition.

Middle School Science Teacher David Shin, who leads the Middle School Robotics Club, praised the team’s achievements and work ethic. Their robots scored 200 points, accomplished all their missions, and won the Innovation Project Award, which an StC team has never earned before.“ We’re really proud of the boys,” said Shin. “The kids work on their projects for weeks. Sometimes things don’t go well, but it’s about persevering and working hard to do the best you can.” 

The Lower School Robotics Team, which won the Core Values section at the competition, also performed well. Lower School Technology Coordinator Gail Warren, who co-heads the Lower School group with Lower School Math Specialist Padgett Shoemake, described how proud she was of the team and what’s they’d learned: “Teamwork is definitely a big part of this. I think they learned to compromise. Several judges complimented our boys on how well they worked together and how kind they were.”