Health Director Dr. Ann Vanichkachorn Urges StC Community to Engage on Difficult Subject of Race

Dr. Vanichkachorn shares personal experiences with anti-Asian discrimination and asks the Saints community to grapple with sensitive topics around race and identity.
"Pretend that you don't know me. Not anything about me. Look at me and what do you see? What assumptions might you be making just on how I look?" 

Yesterday, StC Director of Health Services Dr. Ann Vanichkachorn gave an emotional Upper School chapel talk to discuss the worsening trend of anti-Asian attacks. She shared the experiences of her son Josh (a 2019 StC alumnus), who has recently endured racist verbal and physical threats. "When are we ever going to feel like we belong?" he asked her in a text. 

As anti-Asian attacks continue to rise, Vanichkachorn discussed her personal experiences with racism and how they have increased her resolve to engage with our boys and the larger Saints community. "Talking about race can be messy and difficult, but we have got to be able to have those uncomfortable but vitally important conversations with respect and civility," she said. "I need you to be the difference.”
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