Ephraim Bullock ‘22 Joins Richmond Ballet as Trainee

Loving ballet from an early age, an StC junior takes his dancing to the next level.
We’re happy to share the news that Ephraim Bullock '22 has been invited to become a trainee with the Richmond Ballet. Bullock will begin his training next year and will spend his mornings at St. Christopher’s and afternoons training downtown.

Bullock was captivated by ballet at an early age and participated in Minds in Motion in fourth grade. “I remember the exact moment I fell in love with dancing,” he said. “We were watching ‘Swan Lake’ at school and a dancer did some huge jump across the stage and I remember thinking ‘That’s amazing. I want to do that.’” 

The junior, who had been studying ballet after school with the company, vividly remembers the moment he was invited to become an official trainee by Artistic Associate and School Director Judy Jacob. “She was talking to me and casually asked, ‘Hey Ephraim, how would you like to be a trainee next year?’ That totally flipped my mind!” 

Bullock knows and admires StC alumni such as Paul Dandridge '07 and Ira White '11 and hopes to follow in their footsteps: “I have a huge love for dancing, and I want to take it to the next level. I want to be challenged, and I know that being a trainee will do that.”
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