Senior Flashback: Griffin O'Ferrall '21

Griffin O'Ferrall '21 reflects on a lifetime spent at StC.

"I’ve been at StC since starting Little Saints preschool at the age of two, so it’s hard to have just one favorite memory from my time on campus. In the LS, I always enjoyed being part of the mid-year play, and having buddy visits. In the MS, my friends and I were dedicated to playing “King of the Court” during break every day. Despite the fact that the end of last year and our Senior year has been anything but normal, some of my best memories are from the US. My freshman year we won the state championship in baseball, which was definitely a highlight.

The football season during my junior year was also a great experience, and supporting the varsity basketball team from the student section could always be counted on to be the most energetic Friday night. Lastly, I’m hoping to have one more winning season with the baseball team this spring. Throughout the years, St. Chris has helped me develop friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime."
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