Learning Through Play

A new Upper School course uses the game Monopoly to teach our boys about wealth, justice and equity.
What can a classic board game teach our boys about the larger world? This morning, 90 freshmen gathered on the Terraces to play Monopoly as part of Building Richmond 2050, a new Upper School course focused on justice and equity.

To turn the game into a valuable learning exercise, the faculty inserted a twist: One player per group played by the normal rules, while others started with significantly less money, had to stay in “jail” longer and faced other disadvantages. As expected, the players without resources often found themselves unable to advance.

August Lange '24, took what he learned from the game and applied the lesson to the systemic challenges that many people face in the real world, saying “People who are born into poverty have a really tough time getting out of it. Even if they’re really smart or capable of doing great things, it’s hard for them because they just don’t have the resources like education and mentors.”
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