Middle School Boys Focus on Kindness and Inclusion

Youth speaker David Flood returns to StC 
“Are you strong enough to show up for someone?” That’s the question David Flood, youth speaker, asked a group of Middle School boys this morning. 

Through powerful, personal stories, Flood encouraged the boys to be kind, inclusive and compassionate. He challenged the sixth graders to do three things: assume that everyone has the same feelings as they do, thank two adults for their support and never let someone eat lunch alone. “The most important thing in life is how you love others and how you love yourself,” Flood said.

Flood believes it’s important for boys to see themselves in other people. “Look at someone and realize that they’re just like you,” said Flood. “They need love and compassion in their life, just like you.”

Throughout the day, Flood will meet with other Middle School classes and hold sessions for boys to share their stories. 
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