Finding a Creative Way to Help the Community

Fifth Graders sell retired StC basketball jerseys to raise money for the hungry.
Part of St. Christopher’s mission since its founding in 1911 has been to help our neighbors through outreach and service. In January, fifth grade boys sold retired St. Christopher’s basketball jerseys and used the funds to buy groceries for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church’s Food Pantry. Some boys raised awareness about the program through chapel announcements, others sold jerseys, some went shopping, and by the end, they raised nearly $500.

Today, boys helped visitors select food and household supplies at the pantry. “I think it’s a good way to socialize with the community and it’s a good way to help others,” said Henry Nelson '27, who volunteered to distribute groceries. Others, like Chase Buerlein '27, found a sense of purpose and connection during the visit. “It just makes me feel good,” he said. “The people at the pantry are really nice. It’s just that they’re in a tough situation.”
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