Life Skills Teaches Students Self-Defense

StC juniors meet for a mix of classroom learning and physical instruction. 
When students were polled on subjects to cover in the new junior Life Skills class requirement, self-defense was the most popular. This morning, Upper School Academic Resource Teacher Laura Lanois oversaw a group of St. Christopher’s juniors learning to be more aware of their surroundings and defend themselves in an emergency.

Shaun Guice, campus security manager, spoke to the boys about the importance of staying alert, using sound judgment and listening carefully to their intuitions as the first step in avoiding harm. The classroom presentation was followed by hands-on instruction of basic self-defense skills. 

Braxton Page ’21 hopes that neither he nor his classmates ever have to use the lessons learned, but he found the classroom instruction particularly helpful. “You should always have your head on you and understand what’s going on,” he said. “That’s probably more important than anything that happens after trouble starts.” 
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