Lower School Students Celebrate Hispanic Culture

Fifth-grade boys create presentations celebrating Hispanic culture, traditions and history.
On Tuesday, Nov. 26, fifth-grade boys studied a variety of Hispanic cultures, historical figures and countries, and created visual presentations.

The boys displayed their work in Lower School classrooms and led the fourth grade boys on a tour, which included projects on Spanish soccer teams, Caribbean culture, Aztec temples and the work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

The projects focused on the similarities as well as the differences in Hispanic cultures. “Even within a country like Spain, they have different regions divided by geography and they sometimes even speak a different language,” said Lower School Spanish Teacher Sonia McDonnell. “We want them to understand that just because they all speak Spanish, they’re not all the same.”

The project gave the fifth-graders insight into Hispanic traditions, food and history, and was part of a larger effort to give students a multicultural, global perspective. The celebration was also a chance for the students to hone their research and presentation skills in preparation for the rigors of Middle School. 
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