Voices of Colonial Virginia Highlights Range of Perspectives and Cultures

St. Catherine’s School joins our boys for a morning of games, activities and food from Colonial Virginia.
We were excited to host another day of fun and learning at Voices of Colonial Virginia with girls from St. Catherine’s School today! The event is a half-day, hands-on culmination of third grade’s study of Virginia history. 

From preparing a Brunswick stew recipe from Colonial Williamsburg to crafting African masks and Native American pottery, students learned about the food, games, clothing and features of daily life among Colonial Era cultures.

“It takes them back in time,” said StC Third Grade Teacher Cynthia Brown. “It really shows them a time when you had to survive and make do with just your natural resources.” 

The event places a deliberate focus on the variety of perspectives and voices of Colonial Virginia, including European, African and Native American populations. “We had to ask the question, ‘Whose voice is being heard, and whose voice is not heard?’ So it became very important for us as teachers from St. Christopher’s and St. Catherine’s to make sure that all of the voices of that time period were being heard,” said Brown.