Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Second graders team up with juniors to combine physics, art and culture.
Last week, a group of juniors and Lower School boys came together to combine art, culture and science. Lower School boys decorated kites as a nod to the practice of flying giant kites as part of the Dio de los Muertos celebrations in Guatemala. The students wrote messages on the kites to loved ones who had passed away. 

The project aims to expose students to cultures around the world while exploring the idea of death. “When I explain this to young students, I show them that when we talk about Dio de los Muertos, we talk about death like a celebration,” said Lower School Spanish teacher Isabel Shealy.

Upper School physics students helped build the kites and taught the younger boys about concepts like gravity, flight and lift. The two groups then teamed up to fly the kites on the soccer field, combining culture, science, art and some quality outdoor time!
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