Building Bridges Between Upper and Middle School Boys

Younger StC boys prepare for Upper School with help from their older peers. 
Making the move to Upper School can be a big change for our younger students. Boys often find that the schedule is more intense and the academics are more demanding. 

To make the transition less jarring, the Middle School Mentors program pairs Middle School boys with Upper School students and encourages them to meet regularly throughout the year. Students from sixth through eighth grade team up with sophomores, juniors and seniors. The goal is to build relationships and to help prepare the younger boys for the challenges of Upper School.

Seventh-grader Sander Ianchulev '25 believes the program is doing a particularly good job of getting him ready for the classes that he’ll take. “They can tell you about high school and give you a heads-up about the hard academics,” he said. 

The partnership benefits the older students as well. Senior mentor Russell Richards ‘20, remembers feeling “excited but nervous” about moving to Upper School when he was a Middle School student, and finds it rewarding to “help guide them in their Middle School career and giving them insight on what high school is like.”  

“It gives them a sense of responsibility,” said Upper School math teacher and faculty program member Martha Abrew. “I’ve noticed that many of the boys who were quiet sign up and they flourish. They like the idea of becoming more responsible.”
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