Preschool Educators Gather at StC to Share Lessons Learned

Dr. Kim Hudson hosts the Preschool Educators Luncheon to share research and hear from educators in the field.
At St. Christopher’s School, we know how to teach boys, and we take a scientific approach to it. Our Center for the Study of Boys, led by Dr. Kim Hudson, is committed to building a robust, data-driven base of knowledge about how boys learn best.

More and more, the Center is placing a focus on teaching younger boys. On Friday, Oct. 4, over 60 preschool educators gathered on campus to share best practices and talk about emerging ideas at the Preschool Educators Luncheon. The event included tours of StC’s Junior Kindergarten houses and breakout strategy session groups. 

“I love the aspect of learning how to teach boys,” said Mia White, Executive Director at Canterbury Community Nursery School. White came to the event to focus on learning how to better serve the boys at her school. “As we study more about boys, we learn to nurture that rough-and-tumble, but also the sensitive and intuitive side that they have.”

While StC’s research is extensive, Dr. Hudson values the dialogue with educators who are in the classrooms every day. “We see this event as an opportunity for us to share what we know about best ways to engage boys, “ said Hudson. “But we also see it as a wonderful exchange opportunity in that we have much to learn from those in the field as well.”
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