Lower School Literary Society Holds First Meeting of the Year

The Chamberlayne Reds and Grays meet again to compete!  
This morning, the Lower School held the year’s first meeting of the Literary Society. The boys, who were divided into the Chamberlayne Reds and Chamberlayne Grays, recited poems during a gathering of students, faculty and parents in the Lower School Auditorium.

The boys, grouped by homerooms, competed against each other and will be judged on expression, teamwork and preparation. Poems included the humorous “Television” by Roald Dahl. 

Now in its 104th year, the Literary Society teaches students to be creative, work together, and to build their confidence. “When we speak about the whole boy, I think that this is actually a really critical component,” said Laura Ambrogi, Lower School Reading Specialist. “It teaches them so much about self-confidence and public speaking.”

Ambrogi has seen how the process of memorization, teamwork and speaking in front of the community benefits the students. “These boys become so confident in themselves and so comfortable because they’ve done it with their peers.”

The second meeting of the Literary Society will take place on Friday, Oct.11, 2019.
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