Lower School Boys and Faculty Say Goodbye to Former Junior Kindergarten House

Former Junior Kindergarten House is torn down to make way for new StC building projects.
It’s the end of an era! This morning, a work crew began demolishing the former Junior Kindergarten house on Pepper Avenue. A group of Lower School boys, teachers and staff took a few moments to witness the scene. 

For some students, it was a bittersweet moment. Christian Both ‘27, who attended Junior Kindergarten in the building, felt strange about watching the destruction of a space where he spent so much time when he was young. However, “Change always happens,” said Both.

The building was used regularly by StC for decades, but in 2015, most JK activities were moved to two nearby houses. There are immediate plans to turn the lot into a semi-landscaped green space, and long-term plans include possibly reconfiguring the LS carpool area.

Loch Macfarlane ‘27, another boy who attended JK in the building, admitted that he'd miss the building and it was hard to see it go. However, he felt that “Whatever they’re doing in there will be for a good reason.”
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