Headmaster Mason Lecky Welcomes the StC Community, and a New Tradition is Revisted

StC Seniors escort Kindergarteners across campus in a symbolic walk to the All-School Opening Service.
After a week of new routines, new classes, and new faces, the StC community gathered on the Terraces to give thanks and officially welcome each other to campus. Headmaster Mason Lecky was joined by Upper School Student Council President Chas Steinbrugge '20, Middle School Representative Ned Jordan '24, and Leader of the Lower School LT Nguyen Jr. '27, who led prayers and delivered remarks to students, staff, educators and parents. 

On a bright, breezy August morning, Lecky reminded attendees of StC's core beliefs and what our community values. "At St. Christopher's, we know, love and celebrate boys," he said. Lecky, however, remarked that the School's focus on honor resonates most strongly with him."'We care most about developing young men who possess character and integrity.'" said Lecky, quoting one of StC's official core beliefs. "I love that St. Christopher's places a stake in the ground and proclaims, unequivocally, that character and integrity are our most treasured attributes. We treasure them even above academic achievements."

The event was also an opportunity for StC boys to participate in a new tradition. The Senior class started their day by visiting the Lower School, spending time with their Kindergarten "buddies," and escorting them across campus to the Terraces to attend the service. "This is a way to leave our legacy," said George Freeman '20, who remembers being a Kindergarten student at StC. "I still remember to this day being here and learning from the older kids. Giving them something that they'll remember is an important thing." 

See event photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGAq7Kx
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