Tennis downs TES on Senior Day

Saints are unbeaten heading into Prep League tourney.
The varsity tennis team celebrated seniors Joe Beck and Max Nabokow while winning 9-0 over Trinity Episcopal Friday, May 3.

The Saints are now 10-0 and move into the Prep League tournament at Collegiate on May 7 and May 10.

Singles: Ramsey (SC) d. Rhodes, 8-1; Bemiss (SC) d. Hewitt, 8-2; Parker (SC) d. Aprahamian, 8-2; Engel (SC) d. Hurlbert 8-2; Beck (SC) d. Gverette, 8-2; Fisher (SC) d. Reece, 8-2
Doubles: Burke/Engel (SC) d. Rhodes/Hewitt, 8-3; Ramsey/Parker (SC) d. Hurlbert/Aprahamian, 8-0; Bemiss/Fisher (SC) d. Reece/Gverette 8-0
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