Middle School boys study evolution and genetics with biome project

Mrs. Anderson's seventh grade science students built biomes to learn how various organisms would adapt in new environments. 
Mrs. Anderson's seventh grade students recently built biomes as a part of their study of genetics and evolution. Each boy researched a biome, made a poster describing its characteristics, and then gave a presentation on it. For their chosen biomes, the boys researched an organism native to it and had to predict how that organism would adapt if it were moved to a new environment. Boys wrote stories about their predictions and shared them through podcasts. Finally, the boys studied each other's biomes, listened to the podcasts, and voted on the best podcasts in the class. 

Biome Podcast: Bo Stocks, Kellen Welch and Captain Worrell

Biome Podcast: Liam Wright and Briggs Ireland

Biome Podcast: Jack Demm Anderson and Patrick Mayer

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