Middle School boys build bird houses for campus

Led by Yates Bass '25 and Jack Hurlbert '25, the project will give new homes to birds on our campus. 
Recently, Middle School boys worked in the wood shop to build new bird houses for the StC campus. The project was organized by Yates Bass '25 and Jack Hurlbert '25.

Describing how the project came about, Yates explains, "this project began one day when I finished my homework early and went up to talk to {Middle School librarian Lisa Brennan}...I told her I thought there was a need for this and that the community would support it...she thought it would be a great idea for an ExploRVA* project, and here we are now!"

The boys will install the new bird houses across campus in the next several weeks. 

*ExploRVA is an co-curriclar program of the Middle School designed to give the boys more experiential learning opportunities. 
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