Outré presents the MS Musical: The Wizard of Oz

Feb. 15-16, 7 p.m., McVey Theatre
Tickets are $5 at the door
This is a family-friendly production.
Outré is the joint theatre company for StCatherine's and St. Christopher's Middle School students.
St. Catherine's Parking & Accessiblity Instructions for this Weekend

The new parking lot at the south end of campus is nearing completion, and we will let you know when it officially opens. Parking will be limited to existing parking lots in Turner, Washington, and McCue Halls for this weekend's, "Wizard of Oz" performance. McVey Theatre can only be accessed from specific points. To ensure that our audiences are seated comfortably before the performance begins, we encourage patrons to arrive on campus 20-30 minutes prior to the performance to allow time for parking.

McVey Theatre Access
  • McCue (Lower School) Entrance: Handicap Accessible Entrance; access the theatre through the Lower School Parking Lot building entrance. There will be School representatives stationed at McCue Hall and at various entry points to direct patrons through the Lower School building, to the elevators, and down to the ground level lobby entrance. This is the ONLY way to access the theatre lobby doors from the ground level.
  • Entrance from the Green: Non-handicap Accessible Entrance; McVey Theatre may be also be accessed directly from the Green through the double doors closest to McCue Hall (Lower School building). Patrons will turn right and head downstairs to the theatre lobby.
  • Access around the Green from the Kenny Center to McVey Theatre will be closed. If you park in Washington Hall, walk around to the Green (passing Bacot, Ellett and McCue Halls).
  • There is no parking lot adjacent to McVey Theatre at this time. Parking areas near Washington Hall, Turner Hall, and McCue Hall will be open.
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