Coor '20 wins weightlifting award

Named Best Youth Lifter at the Old Dominion Classic.
Spencer Coor '20 started lifting his freshman year and hasn't stopped since. In fact, the junior is now taking part in out-of-school, competitive weightlifting events.

Just a few weekends ago, Coor won the Old Dominion Classic for his age and weight group, and was named Best Youth Lifter afterward.

"Since [freshman season] I've liked to [lift] competitively," Coor said. "Now I'm competing in dynamic lifting and I love every minute of it."

Coor did 198 pounds in the clean jerk, and 139 pounds in snatch in a winning effort. He fine-tunes his lifts outside of school with coach Bob Blanton and Keith Wright, StC's strength and conditioning coaches.
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