Middle School

We have a variety of traditional leadership opportunities as part of our Honor Council, Student Council, Missionary Society, performance music groups and sports teams.
Some of the unique approaches to developing leadership among the boys include:
  • Throughout the year, Middle School students are eligible for the Citizenship Award. This award is given to a boy who has been seen committing an outstanding act of citizenship. Each boy is presented with a certificate in chapel that reads: “In recognition of a recent, selfless deed. The students, faculty and staff of St. Christopher’s Middle School thank you for helping strengthen our community and for modeling for others a spirit of helpfulness and generosity.”
  • Leadership Groups consist of seventh grade boys who have been nominated by the faculty as boys with leadership potential. The boys meet weekly with the Dean of Students to learn about leadership, to discuss new, creative, and practical ways they can lead (both individually and collectively) at St. Christopher’s, to set goals, and to work around the campus. This group’s efforts continue throughout the boy’s eighth grade year. Some examples of likely activities include picking up trash around school, reading with 6th graders, and attending a citywide, middle school Prejudice Awareness Summit (by Jewish Women’s International).
Forum is a 12-week course for seventh grade boys designed to contribute positively to their social, emotional, and spiritual growth, led by the Dean of Students. A descriptive outline is listed below:
  • Team Building – ground rules, icebreakers, public interviews, cooperative challenges
  • Values – definitions, school mission, ethics, heroes
  • Social Justice – subconscious biases, brief history of bigotry in the U.S., various types of discrimination
  • Character – study through film, Bridge on the River Kwai
  • Relationships – adult/child, healthy vs. unhealthy peer relations, bullying
  • Human Sexuality – anatomy and physiology, reproduction, decision-making
  • Project Alert – alcohol and other drug education, decision-making, discussion with Upper School student leaders