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Lower School

Leadership through responsibility happens daily in the Lower School and there are countless leadership opportunities available for the boys.
They assume jobs and responsibilities within homerooms that help to instill in them a feeling that they are part of something larger than themselves. For example, the line leader in kindergarten is an age-appropriate way to give a child leadership responsibility, and it makes the boy feel as though he is an important part of the classroom community. As the boys get older, more leadership opportunities become available and could include:
  • Daily classroom jobs
  • Flag duty
  • Overseeing the recycling program in the LS
  • Greeting/ushering when we have events in the building
  • Collecting daily attendance from all the homeroom teachers
In addition, several peer elected leadership opportunities exist in grades 3 through 5 that allow the boys to take on more responsibility on a broader scale. For boys in the upper grades each homeroom has a student council representative who works with the faculty advisor to coordinate community service programs and sponsor charity initiatives. In grade 5, other leadership positions include the Literary Society Officers, who preside over annual oratory competitions; the Missionary Society Officers, who lead prayers, take the collection at Tuesday Chapel services, and represent the Lower School in various services; and the Leader of the Lower School, who presides over the final Lower School graduation program, and is the student representative for many campus events.