Upper School

The Upper School Academic Resource Department is dedicated to encouraging self-advocacy and personal responsibility, teaching students strategies to learn and retain information, helping students hone time-management and organizational skills, and assisting students in gradually gaining the confidence to seek assistance independently. The Academic Resource teachers communicate regularly with the Upper School dean of students, classroom teachers, faculty advisors, and parents, and serve as members of the Upper School Guidance Committee. Academic Resource provides academic support services to students both individually and in collaborative groups, and is open to all students on an as-needed basis.
All 9th grade students participate in a Study Skills course during the first semester. The primary goal of this course is to expose 9th graders to an array of study strategies available to enhance academic performance. During 9th grade orientation, the boys complete the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory(LASSI) to self report their understanding of their learning preferences, relative to their academic will, skill and self-regulation. A Study Strategies website is available for all Upper School students to access and utilize according to their individual needs. In addition, through the Study Skills course, Upper School students are introduced to the Academic Resource services available to them.

The Upper School Academic Resource Department is responsible for the interpretation of psycho-educational testing of students who have such testing. Parents and/or educational diagnosticians share reports with the Academic Resource teachers who then summarize reports in the form of Academic Services Plans (ASP), which are shared with all classroom teachers of the respective students. Each student with an ASP has an individual meeting with one of the Academic Resource teachers to discuss suggested strategies and approved accommodations. In addition, the Academic Resource teachers make all faculty members aware of which students receive testing accommodations, such as extended time. The Academic Resource Department also processes applications for accommodations on College Board tests (PSAT, SAT, SAT subject tests, and AP exams) and on the ACT. The Academic Resource teachers administer the PSAT, SAT, and AP exams to students with accommodations.

Students who are in need of outside tutoring should arrange these services through the Academic Resource Department, or should make the Academic Resource Department aware of tutoring. The names of reputable tutors are available through Academic Resource. Tutors are expected to communicate with the Academic Resource teachers and the classroom teacher.

Throughout students’ four-years in the Upper School, the role of Academic Resource is designed to change, with the greatest support offered in 9th and 10th grades, and a gradual lessening of support in 11th and 12th grades.