Middle School

The Middle School Academic Support/Resource Program provides academic instruction and support beyond the scope of the regular classroom. The resource staff works jointly with the students, their families, and faculty to develop effective means for helping students. The services offered are available to all students, both individually and within small groups. Individual instruction helps students to develop personal learning plans with strategies based on their learning profiles. Small group instruction helps strengthen academic skills. Creative thinking and problem solving methodologies are utilized to help support and develop student learning in a collaborative learning environment which focuses on increasing comprehension, organization, and retention of material.
The Middle School Academic Support/Resource Program offers study groups on an as needed basis. The groups meet twice each week during study hall, for approximately 3-6 weeks. The faculty works directly with the resource staff to provide small group instruction beyond what is being taught in class. Groups include guided reading, note taking, grammar, organization, time management, memory and retention strategies as well as overall study strategies. Math groups include enrichment, review, and strategy training.

In addition, the department helps to coordinate academic plans based on educational assessments by providing academic guidance for the individual student, family, and the faculty. Individualized student plans help to guide the student with academic skill development, effective learning/ study strategies, and help the student develop a sense awareness of his learning style.